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The honours system is something to be really proud of as it is the oldest in the world and since 1993 anyone has been free to make a nomination.

The awards are made twice a year - at the New Year and on The Queen's Official Birthday in mid-June - as a way of celebrating the achievements of people in the UK.

Of the thousands of people nominated, around 1250 people actually receive an honour in each announcement.  The bar is set very high as a way of recognising only the most extraordinary achievements.



Honours are given to people from all walks of life and all sections of society who have made a difference to their community.   Nominees must still be involved in the activity for which they are nominated.   The process takes around 18 months or more.

Awards are announced twice a year – at New Year and in June on the occasion of the Sovereign's official birthday.

Since 1993 members of the public have been able to make honours nominations themselves.  All nominations must be treated in the strictest confidence and a nominee should not be informed as it is not fair to raise expectations in case they are not met.

The number of honours available is strictly limited and therefore, however valuable their service, not everyone can receive recognition.   It is important to realise that an honour will not automatically follow a submission.   Of the thousands of people nominated each year, about 1,250 receive an honour in each announcement, of which there are only about 70 in Scotland.

The bar is set very high, since honouring individuals with awards is a way of recognising only the most extraordinary achievements of merit and service to the nation.

Because only exceptional people are honoured, some criteria to be borne in mind are –

Those who –

  • Make a difference to their community or field of work.
  • Bring distinction to British life and enhance its reputation.
  • Exemplify the best-sustained and selfless voluntary service.
  • Demonstrate innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Carry the respect of their peers.
  • Improve the lot of those less able to help themselves.

Nomination forms are available from: -

The Clerk of the Lieutenancy, telephone 01389 737223 who will put you in touch with the Chairman of the Dunbartonshire Honours and Awards Committee who will send all the relevant information and nomination forms.   Further information is available here:




 knight or dame

This rewards a pre-eminent contribution in any field of activity (usually,but not exclusively, at a national level), or in a capacity which is recognised by peer groups as inspirational and nationally significant, and demonstrating sustained commitment. Awarded for:

* a pre-eminent and sustained contribution;

* being recognised by peer groups as inspirational;

* the impact of the contribution being felt at a national level.


 cbe award


This rewards a prominent national role of a lesser degree, a conspicuous leading role in regional affairs through achievement or service to the community or a highly distinguished, innovative contribution in his or her area of activity:

Awarded for:

* an achievement or service in a leading role at a regional level;

* making a highly distinguished, innovative contribution with a wide impact.


OBE min medal 

This rewards a distinguished regional or county-wide role in any field, through achievement or service to the community including notable practitioners known nationally :

Awarded for:

* a regional or county-wide role;

* a contribution where the impact is felt by a significant number of people or across a broad geographical area.


mbe medal 

This rewards an achievement or service in or to the community which is outstanding in its field and has delivered a sustained and real impact which stands out as an example to others:

Awarded for:

* an outstanding achievement or service;

* a sustained contribution;

* a real impact;

* a local role model.


 British Empire Medal


This rewards an achievement or contribution of a very 'hands-on' service to the community in a local geographical area. This might take the form of sustained commitment in support of very local charitable and/or voluntary activity; or innovative work that has delivered real impact but that is relatively short (three to four years) in duration.

Awarded for:

* a sustained, local contribution;

* innovative, high-impact work of a relatively short duration;

* At all levels, awards illuminate areas of dedicated service which merit public recognition.